Thursday, June 16, 2011

Apart{ment} of my heart: oh, hello!

 {I've been in desperate need of some new art all over our little apartment, but especially in the bathroom. A few months ago I bought a couple of huge quilting hoops. They are basically huge embroidery hoops. The one I used for this project was 23" in diameter. The only other materials needed are material to embroider, embroidery floss, a needle, hand drawn pattern and a washable marker.}

 {First I used a pencil to sketch out my design. I just wrote oh, hello in cursive. Then, outline your design in sharpie so it will show through your fabric. I wanted to spend as little as possible on the project so I used 1 yard of muslin, which I purchased for about $2. Muslin works really well because it is thin and was really easy to trace onto. If you are hanging this piece on a dark colored wall you may want to consider a thicker fabric. Mine will be on a white wall so it didn't matter.}

{Once you have your pattern how you want it, just trace it onto your fabric using a washable marker. You can usually find them in the embroidery section at most craft stores. Then just pop your fabric in your hoop and start sewing away. I would suggest using a smaller embroidery hoop rather than trying to juggle the huge 23" hoop :) If you need help with embroidery stitches there are lots of resources online but I will also be posting a tutorial for a basic split stitch which I pretty much use for everything!}

{and its pretty much that simple...enjoy :)}


  1. that is so cute! it turned out well. i would love to have that in my living room! so cute!!

    allister bee blog

  2. love it! i've been wanting to do one of these for days...!

  3. so cute! and very easy/cheap to do for just about anyone. i may even try my hand at it, as my bathroom is also lacking in the art department.