Tuesday, June 14, 2011

{succulent love}

{One super simple and inexpensive way I have found to spruce up my space, is to have lots of plants. I love succulents in particular, because they are easy to take care of and you can usually buy the little potted succulents for under $2. Plus there are tons of different kinds. This last time i loaded up on new plants, I almost sprung for a cactus but I might be a little afraid of them!}

{One really important thing to remember when keeping succulents is to make sure they can drain any excess water. I am lazy and usually leave them in the little plastic pots they come in, then just use any cute little pot like things I find around the house. I used mini teacups, a candle votive, and a few actual pots that I had on hand. Also be sure to not over water them. I typically just put a little water in the teacup and set the plant pot with drainage holes in the water and it just absorbs it all. This also allows  the water to make it to the roots.}

 {I love to wake up to my little plants :) They make me happy! I have them all sitting together in top of a shelf in the bedroom under the only window in our whole apartment! Yes, we have one window...and skylights, but just only window...ehhhhh!}

{So have a great day and go get some plants!}


  1. i created some cute little succulent pots with my boyfriend a few weeks ago. and they turned out so cute! we took them to work and have them on our desks!!! so cute!!

    allister bee blog

  2. I love succulents! Such easy peasy plants to care for. :)
    The way you have them arranged in their little cups is cute. I only have one cactus, and he remains in the pot he came in. It's not the cutest, but I'm scared to take him out!

  3. I was planning on getting these for my apartment!

  4. I have plans to make a little windowsill garden of succulents for myself this summer - yours is super cute!

  5. SO cute, I love succulents - I love the little pop of green that they bring! :)