Saturday, June 18, 2011

{baby bump digest: week 20}

{I almost forgot to post last weeks picture, as Hannah and are 21 weeks today! My computer was being a pain in the butt to our little love entry isn't on the photo like normal but..oh well!}

Hi sweet baby Hannah, 
You are getting so big now! You were 12 oz at our last visit..creeping up on a whole pound :)
You have been much more quiet this week, which makes me think you are sleeping a lot and working on a massive growth spurt! You and I got a summer job with a new family today! Hooray! Now Momma will have a little money to buy you cute things and decorate your room! 
Keep growing little Hannah! We have lots of plans for you baby girl!
We can't wait to meet you!
Love Mom


  1. yay! where are you working now? :)

  2. Your bump is so cute, seriously enjoy it! I miss being pregnant all the time haha! Good luck with the new job as well! :)

    Oh Jazmyn

  3. nice post ! congrats to your new baby .. it seems that your so excited .. god bless !