Sunday, May 22, 2011

.::the ten: things I hope to do this week::.

...10 things I hope to do this week...

1. cook the gigantic artichokes I bought at the produce stand!
2. make cinnamon sugar toast with my new diy shaker!..will share more soon :)
3. go out with Mom to play with our cameras
4. get back into a routine after being sick
5. take some of Kyla's advice and make my own list of spring to dos
6. post my summer reading list and start flippin pages!
7. on that note...I want to go to the library!
8. wear my new shirt Mom bought me! Stripes!
9. try a new recipe!
10. make a beautiful and easy new necklace!

{Happy Sunday!}


  1. Mmmm, artichokes are the yummiest! I'm jealous! I should probably go to the farmer's market to check for some... I'm just lazy, haha!

    <3 MuffinLovesBiscuit

  2. I love a to do list that is more fun than obligation! I hope that you get to do all of those fun things and lots of quality things in between!

  3. love your photos :)

    I have a lot that I wanna do too but oh well, let's see if I'll write a list about it :P