Monday, May 23, 2011

{make do monday: diy sugar shaker}

{diy sugar shaker}

{The other day at the thrift store I found this cute little Osterizer mini-blend container and lid. I got a fun idea and decided to turn it into a cinnamon and sugar shaker for making cinnamon toast! I love it! It turned out so cute, so I thought I'd share! I had a lot of help from my Daddio! He did all the hard work :) My Dad is an architect and he is very precise when he does projects! First he laid out a template in AutoCad and printed it out. Since most of use don't have or know how to use AutoCad, you could also use a sharpie to mark where you want to make your holes.}

 {I'm not sure what size drill bit we ended up using but one that's fairly small but you also what to make sure it won't be to big and you end up with a flood of sugar...not that that's so bad :)}

 {Again, my Dad has a great set up for these kinds of projects, so we used his drill press for this project, but a normal drill would work just fine as well.}

{If you used a template, layer it on top of your lid and drill on the spots indicated, or on the sharpie dots you made. I chose to make my holes to the side so as not to drill right though the cute little chef fairy girl!}

 {After you drill your holes you end up with some rugged edges that are pretty sharp and would probably end up collecting a lot of sugar crusties.}

 {Use a dremel tool with a flat grinding stone or abrasive wheel to file down the rough edges and smooth everything out.}

{My lid had a wax-y ring around the inside that collect a lot of the metal shards and dust, so if yours has that you will want to scrub it out really well to get rid of as much of that as possible.}

 {Look how cute! :) My Dad is a genius! When I was little my Dad used to make cinnamon toast for me and there is a real science to it! Let me tell you! Check back Wednesday and I'll share the top secret family recipe!}

Hope your Monday was great! I spent my morning in jury duty...eckk...hopefully I won't have to end up serving! oh please oh please!


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