Friday, May 20, 2011

{25 before 26}

 {part of my little owl collection}

{So I turned 25 last November and made a to do list for the next year. I thought I'd share my progress so far...I think I'm actually doing pretty well!}

1. try for baby again...well i bakin a bun so I think I've achieved this goal :)

2. finish granny square afghan...I've made a decent sized stack of squares

3. sew a vintage sheet quilt...still collecting the sheets for this one

4. get up to 150 followers on the blog or more! far beyond that! Thanks guys!

5. make reading list...done! I'll post it as proof :)

6. pay off credit card!...its under $1000 now! almost there! can't wait!

7. plan a 30th birthday bash for Nicolai..did it! and it was so much fun!

8. work up to taking sponsors on the blog...coming soon I hope :)

9. create a line for the etsy shop...i've sorta abandoned my etsy dreams but who day maybe

10. learn basic html and blog design...not really but trying

11. make 5 new blog friends!...I think I've made more! Love the blogging community!

12. get a pro account on flickr again

13. make a pair of moccasins

14. start a painting and art journal

15. make little girls' accessories

16. collect vintage childrens clothes...started to

17. organize craft room/studio...I did but them we moved and now I don't have a studio :(

18. take a road trip to Portland and was planned but them cancelled

19. go visit Stina, Caroline, and Amber!

20. have a fun dress up dinner party!

21. play around with video blogging...nervous for this

22. get a new camera! oh i hope i hope i hope! Been doing research!

23. start a compost pile..well i don't have a backyard anymore so I can't

24. grow more veggies in raised beds...again no backyard :(

25.take an art class...does Style your space count? :)

{So 9 out of 25 so far and 6 are partially done or soon to be complete! Not to bad. I have until November 8th to do the rest of these, so we'll see how i do!}


  1. Yay #19! Come visit me, I'll even let you sleep in the REAL bed.... since your preggo:) I MISS YOU!

  2. #13. Make a pair of moccasins...
    I'd gotten this real neat kit at Michael's craft store (under $20? I believe?) and it was a great success!! I needed an extra hand in there at some points but totally worth it, turned out to be really cool/comfy/and just my size.
    Maybe that will work!
    -Lauren :)

  3. oh yes, i love number 19 the most. i hardly blog any more because i only have a dinosaur laptop and zero internet a mi casa. hopefully that will soon change. i miss you and love you!!