Wednesday, April 6, 2011

{the perks of being a bed bug}

{While I was stuck in bed these last 2 weeks or so I got bit by the shopping bug and my laptop became my gateway to buying lots of new fun things! Thought I'd share a few! Cuz everybody likes to shop, right?}

 {I made a big order yesterday from American Apparel, which is wayyyy over due! I have currently only one semi presentable hoodie, so I ordered 3 new ones. They sell a two pack for a pretty good deal so I got it in the colors...pewter and a sort of cranberry color. I also got a speckled dark grey colored hoodie too! So excited!}

{I also got a new pair of winter leggings in black, which I wear almost everyday! I love them! I have been redying them and sewing up holes but the ones I have now have seen better days so I decided it was time for a new pair. American Apparel can be sort of expensive but I felt like these were good purchases because this is almost a daily staple for my wardrobe and I had my last pair for a few years! I have had people ask me how I can wear leggings without feeling like by butt is hanging out and these are honestly the answer. The winter leggings almost feel like pants because they are way thicker than most leggings! Try them! You'll see what I mean!}

 {Then I got super excited because I spent enough for free shipping and I could choose a free gift! So fun! I would never spend more just to get a free gift but I just happened to! i chose this $28 soft striped tee! Totally free! Awesome! I figured it is good maternity too since its pretty long!}

 {I also picked up a 3 pack of the extra white strings for my hoodies because I always lose mine somehow! They were only $5 so I figured I would get them now since I'm already making a big order!}

{I also recently ordered a bunch of maternity clothes from Forever 21, which is awesome by the way! I know it's a little early to order maternity clothes but I noticed that on this certain day all online proceeds went to relief in Japan so I figured it was a good day to get them! I got maternity skinny jeans, a few different black tops and something they call the starter kit. It is amazing! For $15 you can get a tank top leggings and a belly band! I know right?!}

{ok this next one seems a little weird, I'll admit it! I have some diy fun-ness plnned for this crazy little cuck coo, so stay tuned for more on that :)}
{and last but most certainly not least...I ordered the Timi and Leslie Mirelle Diaper Bag! Now I may have ordered it by mistake off ebay while just looking around but I am so glad I did! I LOVE IT! It is so beautiful in person! Everywhere I looked I saw $160 price tags for this beauty but I score a brand new one with tags still on, on ebay for $50!! Boo-yah!}

{Can you tell I'm a cheerful Mommy-to-be? :) I have my first dr. appt on Friday so I'll share pictures of baby Pedersen soon :) Have a great night my friends!}



  1. Cute stuff! When I was pregnant with my daughter I was the same way, I was so excited that I couldn't stop shopping. Although, I do shop a lot already...

    I'll have to check out those AA leggings. I wear leggings everyday and end up having the same problem with them fading and getting holes quick.

    Good luck at the appointment!

  2. I've been searching all over for maternity skinny jeans that weren't super expensive. Does Forever 21 have them on their site or are they in store only?

  3. Hey stephanie :) they have them in some of their bigger stores. My local store doesnt carry it some i ordered all my stuff online..i really like their maternity jeans though!