Sunday, March 27, 2011

{hello dear friends}

 {look! Nicolai made breakfast! :)}

{hi guys! i figured it was time a make an appearance again...crawl out of the sheets, peek out of my shell, so to speak. I have had the last 4 days off from the coffee shop which means I have been in bed til noon everyday, no joke! I feel like I can't possibly get enough sleep. Every time I pick up the lappie to blog, I just want to read everyone elses posts! Oh dear! Well whats a girl to do! I was going to write earlier in the week to ask for advice from you mamas who have come before. I have felt like I am in a first trimester slump. Some of this is for obvious reasons, being sick all the time, and tired. But i literally have to drag myself out of bed. I didn't do my hair for over a week, and if you know me personally you know what my crazy head of hair does when untamed! I feel unmotivated to do anything and don't really want to see anyone. I should have asked this sooner as I now feel like I am coming out of this a bit, but did any of you Moms experience this and how did you shake it off? I know that to an extent this is normal but I felt like such a bum. Now, just so no one gets worried..I am not's nothing like that :) 

In other news I'm still pretty sick, which although it is no fun, I am still very happy about.  As far as I know I am about 9 weeks now. I have my first prenatal appointment in about 2 weeks so I'll know more then. My sweet friend Jess sent me two adorable little plushies from her etsy shop and I am in love! I will have to post pictures later. I hope you have all had a great weekend!}



  1. Hey Ali, I don't usually comment but I just couldn't help it in this case... I so had that when I was prego with Chloe.
    I just took as many naps as possible throughout the day. Break at work:nap, Get home from work:nap, do the dishes:nap, Make dinner:nap, fold a load of laundry:nap... I'm sure you get the point. :)
    I was probably 12 weeks along before I had no choice but to be out and about constantly, by then, the more things I did, the more energy I had.

  2. When I was pregnant with Tyler (#1), I am shocked I even gradutaed college, I skipped class SO much! So SO tired. When I was pregnant with Austin (#2), I felt like the worst mom to Tyler EVER (I am so glad he doesn't remember). I didn't want to play with him or go anywhere, and he watched SO much TV! :-o I eventually got better, don't worry. Your body is "climbing Mount Everest" on it's on right now. You need the rest! Once the placenta takes over, you'll feel the energy come back. :) Glad you're sick, though! ;) (You know what I mean!!!) SOOOOOO excited for you! xoxo

  3. I did yoga in the mornings and that actually helped out with my morning sickness quite a bit (even though nothing cured it completely). It gave me some energy too, but that antisocial thing was still hard to shake. Don't worry about it. You're allowed to be lazy. Go out when you feel like it or try to take a short walk with the hubby every couple days.

  4. Congratulations on the baby! Very exciting.
    Being tired is normal, I wanted to sleep all day also or laze around. It is another good sign! Praying for you three.

  5. The first trimester all you'll want to do is nap. This is okay.

    You are making a person!

    It's hard to shale it off, you have to listen to your body. Things truly get better by week 12 and later, so keep your chin up! We're all here for advice!! :D