Wednesday, March 2, 2011

{photo*dump: weird food, birthdays, and balloons}

 {I found this amazing chest of drawers at an antique fair! If it weren't for the $375 price tag it would have been mine!}

{Chinese from my FAVORITE place!! Yes!!}

{I've been eating some weird food combos lately...and loving them!}

{I was greeted by a big red balloon on my doorstep Monday morning :) I knew it would be a 
good day}

{My new favorite notebook creation! Making one for 30 lists too!}

 {An impromptu birthday bash for Chelsea!}

 {Happy Birthday Chelsea!}



  1. Cute pics!
    I love the red balloon one! ♥

    PS those are some funky combinations of food hehe!


  2. your food combos. totally like mine :) haha

    i didn't sleep last night, as this morning one of the most monumental things has happened--i finished and sent my autobiography to my social worker for the adoption. gagggaggagghhh

    and i just stumbled upon my sweet sister's blog! she's only two entries in but i know it's going to be great! babymeetsworld.blogspot
    (i was typing "world market" in the search engine and it popped up) and i know she was already into blogs but i'm happy she follows a couple that i follow.

    can you belieeeeve what's happening with my life right now. omgoodness. can't wait til i can go public with it in my real life world (and fb world haha)

  3. oh and after all that i forgot to say, i love the cute journal. i'm hoping to do something like push for pita. but i need to start crafting and i cannot crochet beanies all day. i've got plenty of mod podge and tissue paper and things to make journals.
    what else?
    we need to hang out.
    i slept for not even an hour. gah!
    i need to drive to my noninternet house to meet the ppl who are delivering my boy's bed!

  4. What a sweet little balloon! I love that you knew it would be a good day after starting out with a cheerful balloon to greet you! That chest looks like an old library card cabinet... $375 is definitely way too much for it though!

  5. the red balloon is awesome! of course it means a good day :)

  6. The drawers remind me of an old library card catalog. I would love having a piece like that in my home... perhaps at a lower price tag.