Tuesday, March 1, 2011

{make do monday (on tuesday): d.i.y. custom planner}

{Hey guys! So I know custom planners are all over the place right now but I am addicted to lists, calendars, and all that jazz. I felt the need for a new planner already! And it's only March! I found inspiration at both of the above links, so check those out! It's a good jumping off point.}

 {I used my label maker, some card stock I had, my letter and number stamps, and other odds and ends to customize my planner just how I wanted it. Dig through your craft supplies and see what you have! You might be surprised what you find to use! I'll bet you can do this project without buying anything new! I did...with the exception of purchasing a $10 calendar layout on etsy, but it was worth it! It came with 3 options so I can use it again if I decide to change it up.}

{I made tabs for monthly calendars, weekly to do's, blog ideas and notes, nesting (chores, home to do's, and projects), and a week calendar to schedule posts. It was fun to customize the sections to exactly what I needed.}

{I wanted to bind the pages into a book but got lazy and didn't have all the right materials for bookbinding, so I just used a small binder that I already had. I used the half page template for this project and printed ALOT of weekly calendar pages, so that there would be separate sets of calendars for 3 different sections, weekly activities, nest and blog schedule. It really helps to keep everything separate!}

{I am still toying with the idea of covering my binder with wood grain contact paper but I don't know how well it will stick. We'll see...Let me know what you think and if you try this! Has anyone else out there made there own agenda this year?}



  1. I have a planner but I never thought of making one!!! This is AWESOME :)

  2. I love this so much!! thanks for the idea and the great post!!

  3. hey ali! if the binder is a typical plastic covered one, i don't think the contact paper will stick all that well. YOU CAN, however, relatively easily, take it apart and recover it completely in the cover of your choice. *** use an exacto knife to remove the entire cover from your binder. you should end up with two chipboard pieces (back and front covers) and the middle piece of chipboard that houses the binding mechanism). pull out some duct tape and adhere the front and back chipboard covers to the center piece. THEN cover the whole thing with your contact paper. fold nicely (like a present) around the top and bottom edges and to the inside. cover the inside of the front & back covers with pretty patterned paper or cardstock or another slip of contact paper.

    hope this helps!

  4. Oh my.. where did you get those letter stamps?! i need some like the B and L in Blog on that last picture!

  5. nice you blog

  6. What size binder is that?? I really like how you set yours up!