Sunday, March 20, 2011

.::the ten::.

1. Vintage Buck-ends by junkytownvintage, $42 (I am sooooo in love with these its ridiculous!)
2. grey cowl tee by replicca, $65 (I have been in love with this shop for a loooong time! I havent been able to get anything from them yet but hopefuly soon! I want one of these tops for when i am nursing! So perfect right?!)
3. I think this adorable lamp was also a junkytownvintage find, but it has sold now
4. these amazing plush bunnies by kiddins, $17.50 (my awesome friend Jess is the creative genius who sews these little creatures, as well as designs the fabric she uses!)
5. reusable fabric dress up doll stickers by lovemaestore, $18 (I really want these to decorate a nursery wall!)
6. Vintage GE alarm clock by junkytownvintage $12 (so cute!!)
7. vintage quilted textile print by junkytownvintage, $18 (If you haven't caught on to the trend here yet, check out junkytownvintage! They seriously have some amazing stuff at reasonable prices!)
8. milk glass cake stand by upcountryvintage, $20 (also one of Jess's shops!)
9. Handmade felt owl by DorisAnne, $69 (There is only one owl left on her site so you should hurry over and snatch him up! I first saw DorisAnne (check out her blog at this link) and her owls at Renegade in SF and I am so in love with them! I would love to snag one for the baby!)
10. 1980's lavender sweater by salvagehouse, $10 (this shop has some amazing stuff! Check out their $10 sale items for some real gems! There are so many amazing pieces in this shop! p.s. here is a special #11 today from salvage house, just because I couldn't leave it out!

Seriously, how amazing is this! It is a jumpsuit romper type style, and I think the fabric is aaaammmmaaazing! I wish I could pull something like this off but I think I'm to short, so PLEASE somebody buy this beautiful piece!

{Happy Sunday guys and have a great weekend!}


  1. I love 2 and 8! Thanks for sharing!

  2. xoxo, thank you SO much for the feature miss! You are too sweet. (:

  3. Thank you so much for including Kiddins and Upcountry Vintage! I have been having so much fun with my 2nd shop... It's kinda addicting to get the next treasure for my store. I will be listing lots of new stuff this week that I got over the weekend :)