Monday, February 7, 2011

{A Load of Crock: using the icky bits}

{homemade chicken broth}

{A really great way to save money and be resourceful is to save the carcass after you roast a chicken and to make your own chicken broth out of it! It takes really good and makes your house smell delicious! It is super simple. Just toss what is left of the chicken, after you strip away all the meat, into your slow cooker. Add enough water to cover the chicken and season with salt pepper, and a bay leaf or two! Really you can add whatever spices you would like, I just opted to keep it simple. Really most of the flavor comes from the chicken it's self, particularly the bone marrow! I know gross...but it is really good and if you buy a organic chicken you know you aren't eating load of salt and other junk that they put into canned broth! 

Now, I cooked my chicken for so long that when i harvested the meat, the entire chicken fell all to bits and was kinda nasty looking but honestly it doesn't matter! After you slow cook on low for 6-8 hours it will fall apart anyway. Once you are done cooking use a fine strainer or cheese cloth to strain the bits out of your broth. I didnt have anything like that so I used paper towels and you know totally worked great! I layers about 3 and then cupped them to pour the liquid into it. I had to change it out a few times so it's not ideal but it worked for what i needed. Let me know if you try this and how it goes!}

.::love ali::.


  1. this sounds sooo yummy ! im starving right now, it reminds of when you go grocery shopping and your hungry so everything and anything looks good! now im in dire need of food! [:

  2. This is great advice! What could you use to store the homemade broth in, and how long will it keep?

  3. I love making my own stock - never thought of using the CrockPot to do it! I always seem to have frozen chicken parts in my freezer waiting for a day that I'm home for it to cook on the stove. And I can say from experience that cheesecloth makes the straining SO much easier - but I've tried doing it with flour sack towels, too. ;)