Tuesday, February 8, 2011

{make do monday [on tuesday]: hot toddy

 {hot toddy}

{I know for a fact I am not the only one out there with a persistent and cantankerous cold! Now I am not one to drink really any alcohol (and quick disclaimer..I apologize if this offends anyone!) but this cold has driven me to drink! No not really, I just have read that the hot toddy is a sort of miracle cold cure and I am willing to try it! Don't worry, it is very little alcohol. I looked up multiple recipes but opted to just brew to taste :)}

{You can start with just hot water or a lightly brewed tea. I used our favorite vanilla chamomile tea. Then I just dropped in a little honey, some lemonade (I didn't have a lemon, but it tasted good, kinda sweetened it up!), and a little bit of whiskey. I used just a little of everything and just kept altering it til i liked it! If you are the recipe type, check these out...here, here, and here. Hopefully you have some success with this!}

.::love ali::.


  1. cheers :)

    my mom made me gurgle with schnaps when I was a child (oh those germans!) and had a sore throat. to this day I just cannot get myself to drink any whiskey or schnaps. just the smell of it appalls me... but no doubt it works for a cold! maybe paired with an aromatic tea, honey and lemon I will get over this :)

  2. I have that "A" cup :) I also have the teacup version.