Wednesday, January 5, 2011

{Slenderella is actually the name of a cookbook!}

{This little gem made me laugh out loud in St. Vincent thrift store a few weeks ago. I love thrift stores and the random things one can find there :) Here are a few treasures I uncovered on my last little haul.}

 {This hint book has some pretty great stuff in it!}

 {I have kind of a crazy obsession with mugs!}

{Finally found a cool bundt pan! I have been looking for one forever!}

{I thought this looked like a pretty cool book. I haven't read it yet but I think it could be fun!}
Have a great day everybody :)

.::love ali::.


  1. I have a growing obsession with mugs too and I love the pirate ship one! Gah how cute :)

    I'm your newest follower by the way!

  2. Great finds! I love those old books. Their covers always make me laugh.

  3. Found your blog via Kam! I am also sponsoring on her blog this month :) I am really enjoying your blog too! Hope to see you around!

  4. *gasp!* I have the matching sugar jar to your coffee jar. :)
    I thought I had seen the coffee and flour jar, but I wasn't for sure...until now! :)

    Adorable blog, dearie! <3

  5. Oh, gosh...I love vintage cookbooks. Love them! I read them like books and I collect the BHG ones and Betty Crocker ones too. :) I found your blog through Seabird, so I'm gonna stick around. I like it here. :)

  6. Oh, man, I love all of this stuff. I actually have that bundt pan!

  7. awesome finds!

    let's go thrifting together! ;)

  8. ahhh - I really love the ship mug... It goes quite well with the one at atlas I want to buy off them ;)