Monday, January 3, 2011

{make do monday: d.i.y. budget planner}

As it’s January and time for resolutions, I thought it would be timely to work on budgeting! So many of us have debt we want to pay off, special trips or purchases we are saving for, or just want to be more wise with our money! One of the ways I wanted to work on this was to use "the envelope system". You put the cash you have budgeted for groceries, gas, or coffee (and whatever else you need to budget money for) in your envelopes, keep your receipts, and when the cash is gone, it's gone. I found a really cool organizer I wanted to use to keep it all straight but decided that spending $15 on a budget planner was probably not a good budgeting move! So instead I decided to make my own, using things from around the house! :) It totally worked!
All I did was collect cardboard from a cereal box, some cute fabric, some envelopes, a small notebook, labels, and my magical hot glue gun.
 Simply cover the cardboard by securing your fabric with hot glue. It helps to iron your fabric first. Fold where you want your "seams" and crease it by ironing. It will make the gluing process easier. You can make the planner whatever size you like. I estimated based on my envelopes and notebook size. First I covered the outside of the planner with a vintage flower fabric. Be sure to make your corners tidy! Then, using a contrasting fabric, cover the inside.
Once you have your cover done, glue your notebook to one side. And your envelopes to the other. I used scraps of paper to make an accordion style file out of four envelopes. Then stick on your labels and you are done! I love how mine turned out! If you make one, let me know! I would love to see! This little tool really comes i handy when you want to try to save some dough!
Happy budgeting!

.:: love ali::.

p.s. just wanted to say hi to all my new readers! Thanks for swinging by! I love the company and am excited to get to know you all better!


  1. Very cute, Ali. :) I was surprised when I saw how much some of those budget planners cost - um, hello people - "budget" being the key word. Yours is great!

  2. came across your blog from campfire chic... will be adding it to my list of blogs to check throughout the week for inspiration :)

  3. I absolutely love this idea, and I'm so inspired to do it!
    Then I found/watched a commercial about this Post-It tabs thingy that can be used/reused for practically anything and I reaallyy want to do this now - I can't wait to start this project!!
    -and thank you for the link to 365Project!

  4. Found you through Moorea-Seal and I'm so happy I did! Love this and your blog.

  5. I like this idea and I found your post through And then she saved.

  6. had this bookmarked for a bit, and just got around to making one this weekend!
    i don't think it's as neat and tidy as yours but it'll get the job done!
    you can see it here: