Thursday, December 2, 2010

{Thanksgiving Love + mashed potato yummies!}

{Here it is finally! This is out Thanksgiving celebration mostly in pictures! I feel like once I get this posted I can truly embrace December :) November is one of my favorite months! It doesn't hurt that its my birthday month but whatever.. :) So, we headed to my parents house around noon on Thanksgiving day. We had packed the car to the brim with platters, food, the turkey, drinks, cookies, pies and anything else you can think of! I even had a sheet pan of sugared cranberries in my lap. I was cooking most of dinner including the turkey so we needed to get there pretty early on! We had so much fun and the turkey turned out beau-ti-ful! At one point my Mom (the photographer) was taking pictures in her studio of the cookie tree stands I had made and the dog stole 2 cookie off it! It was pretty funny! She had the cutest little guilty look on her face! So here are some of my favorite pictures of the day...}

 {I bought these fun little Chinese take out boxes for leftovers to go home in!}

{By the time we had dessert hubs was getting pretty tired..I think it was more a matter of us both dreading being at work the next morning at 3:30!}

{I was so excited to use the serving trees I had made and they worked great!}

{and now the big finale! The mashed potatoes!}
{I know they don't look like much but {hello!!} they are delicious! I tried something new this year and it is my new favorite way to make taters. Now this is really more of a holiday only kind of recipe since it has like 6 lbs of butter and loads of unhealthy-ness :) But I figured it's the holidays..don't hold back! 
So to make these beauties just start with your basic mashed potato recipe..boil em mash em stick em in a pot :) (does anyone get that reference?) then add 2 sticks of butter, a block of cream cheese..yep..and a little half and half if needed. Mash it up again and *boom* you have bomb mashed potatoes!}
Enjoy and Happy December!! 
ali <3


  1. your table decor is too cute!
    but with all the desserts added to it its perfection!!
    and i have that dress! its the perfect thanksgiving dress.. roomy for all the food you eat! i can't believe i didn't think of that! haha!

  2. your thanksgiving walked right off of martha stewart's website. i love it! and i also love the picture of your grandparents, that is so dear :)

  3. your little Chinese takeout boxes are so cute! fun idea :)

  4. so lovely! and those take out boxes are such a cute touch! I love your header and the name of your blog!!

  5. oh my goodness! what an amazing array of treats. just gorgeous. your blog is just delightful!