Tuesday, November 30, 2010


{Hey guys..so I'm testing out this blogpress app on my iphone to see if it works well because...(drum roll please).....hubs ordered me an ipad!!!!!! Oh yeah baby! I'm soooo excited! In other news, can you believe tomorrow is December?! What happened to November? My birthday month flew by so fast :( but i'm really looking forward to our first married Christmas together and going to cut down our tree soon!!! I have lots to share with ya'll in the next few weeks..a few diy projects, recipes, and a little Thanksgiving run down. I'll be kind and share my mashed potato recipe with you because its so good it could kill you! I think 3/4 of my dinner plate was just potatoes :) in the meantime I have to go to work soon and use my newly refreshed and restocked coffee bar set up :)}

{So have a good day friends and I'll see you soon!}
ali <3


  1. An iPad? You wouldn't happen to have some connection to Apple, would you? Haha, j/k, I know. They do look like fun. :)

  2. ohh how exciting!!
    and iphone and an ipad!

  3. I know I am being spoiled lately!