Sunday, December 5, 2010

{Ikea date + gingerbread construction}

{It's finally starting to feeling Christmas-y around these parts :) Yesterday I went to a little gingerbread house party with some friends and we had a blast! This was my creation! I made a little granny unit and it had a skating pond, a pile of wood in the back, a snowman and even a cobble stone walkway! It turned out pretty cut-sie! :)}
{Hubs and I took a little trip to Ikea this afternoon! Hooray! We love Ikea and we especially like going there together. I'm excited because we got some fun stuff to spruce up my little studio/office! A few rugs, a new lamp, a cute little desk, and some odds and ends should get my work space looking snazzzy! I'll share pictures when I get it all put together! Right now my lovely husband is assembling my new desk. He is trying to cheer me up because I had a bit of a nervous break down on the way home tonight when I realized my root canal appointment is on Friday...not so excited about this. Anyway back to happy things...I found a fan-tabulous rocking chair at Ikea that I want sooooo badly when we finally have a kiddo!}
{I think it's amazing!}
{I may or may not have spent a bit to much on our little trip but...I don't care. :)}
Hope everybody had a great Sunday!
love, ali <3

P.S. I was given a Chinese/English Bible today! So cool!


  1. I had a root canal a couple weeks ago and having another one Tuesday... Soooooooo sorry you have to get one too! At least we can be root canal buddies ;)

  2. I LOVE the fabric in the photo! How could I not, right?

    And I'm happy to see that I'm not the only one who eats at IKEA!! My mister and I go there to eat lunch all the time :) Have you had the almond cake? tasssstttyyyy

  3. Ooo no I haven't but I'm sure it's great!