Tuesday, December 14, 2010

{the joys of dentistry!}

{I know cute right! :) I had to go get a root canal today! Hoorah! I'm glad it's over with..now I'm just waiting for feeling to return, but it definitely makes for fun pictures :) Pardon me while I go make some mashed taters for lunch! In the meantime have some laughs at my expense! I know I did...i can't believe I am posting these pictures!}

 I couldn't help but laugh!
{Hope this brightens your day a little!}
ali <3


  1. Haha! Poor baby, I know how much you hate shots and I know to make a picture like that you had to have SOME sort of shot to numb you! Love it.

  2. ahahhahahahah! these pictures are rad!!! thanks for sharing! it made me smile!!

    allister bee

  3. You made it! yayer :)