Tuesday, December 14, 2010

{Renegade SF}

{I'm hittin' up Renegade in SF on Sunday with Jess over at Kiddins! Can't wait! I love Renegade! Would love to meet Chelsea from Seablanket! Congratulations to Chelsea on her first Renegade show! Is anybody else going to Renegade this weekend? Would love to say hi if you will be there!}

{P.S. Don't forget to enter your name in the Kiddins giveaway! It ends Thursday, so get in there!}

ali <3


  1. Have fun! I went to Renegade in LA last saturday and there was some awesome stuff. Didn't end up buying anything but felt so inspired to make stuff! Looking forward to hearing how SF is!

  2. you're so sweet! I'm so happy you said hello! I love your blog, it'd just darling.