Monday, December 6, 2010

{my new favorite outfit+new tights}

 {This is my new favorite outfit! I went to the new forever 21 a couple days ago and I found my new favorite dress! It has these cute little snaps down the back and its a thicker fabric so it's warm enough to wear right now. I've been pairing it with my favorite boots and these new super fun lacey tights I got as well!}
 {I love the belt I'm wearing in this picture! It's vintage and I randomly found it in this consignment shop about a year ago.}
 {My new tights! Yay!}

{Thank you for loving me enough to read about my silly new clothes!}
love, ali <3


  1. I need to visit the new Forever 21; dresses are at the top of my list. Cute tights!

  2. You look terrific in that outfit!!!

  3. Far out brussel sprout! I am in L O V E with your tights!!!

    Love Steph

  4. I love love those lace tights. Cute outfit, you're very pretty!
    xxoo Chelsea