Monday, August 2, 2010

{renegade recap}

{Good morning all! I'm enjoying a warm scone and cup of coffee while pursuing my loot from yesterdays adventure at Renegade! We had so much fun and I came home with so many cute fun things! I thought I would recap you on our fun day and introduce you to some vendors I hadn't met before and LOVE! }

{the day started out with a quick cup of coffee and a confetti cake cookie! What can I say? It was a celebration! Renegade day! After church we went home, cleaned and I made some blog invitations to had out in case I met people and wanted to share about the blog. I love how they turned out and they were quick and cheap. I'll post more about those later!}
{Look how cute they turned out!}
{Once arriving at the Fort Mason Pavilion, we began our first loop around the room. My first stop was Emily's booth {The Black Apple}. She is adorable and if I had had more money i would have purchased a print. Next we walked up to the Mezzanine and checked out the etsy table, along with other hands on crafting tables. I took some pictures from up there and you can really see how big the event is.} 
{Here are some of my favorite vendors of the day.}
{tinted mint is fantastic! She has the cutest envelopes and washi tape! Her whole booth was so cute and inviting. Some booths I was a little intimidated to go up to but hers was so friendly and fun! She was very sweet! I bought 2 rolls of tape :) check her out at}
{I couldnt help but snap a picture of the adorable Twinkie Chan!}
{and next to Twinkie Chan was the lovely Elsie Cake from A Beautiful Mess and Red Velvet Art. She and her sister Emma are so sweet and nice to talk too. I bought some really cute new glasses that I like alot!}
 {After a taking few goofy pictures and making a button at the Renegade table we headed home to relax and talk about our new goal (tell you about that later!)
{On our way out the door I had to run back in and snatch up a few of the cute things from the Little Otsu Publishing booth. I got a fun notepad and some great new bookmarks!}
{Hope your day was as great as mine!}
ali <3


  1. bad, bad ali for sharing! now i've gone to and added some washi tapes to my cart... and i will likely give in and order them. so bad... but oh-so-fun!!!

  2. haha :) sorry! I love washi tape! I cant help it!

  3. Wow! Looks like you had an amazing day! The Tinted Mint was my favorite booth at Renegade. :) I gave in and bought a a set of three rolls!