Monday, August 2, 2010

{24 before i'm doing thus far}

1. learn to type...i have learned to be content with hunting and that ok? :)
2. get lots of stamps in my passport
3. granny square a blanket...half way there
4. learn to speak Danish...not at all
5. make and complete a book list...made the list..
6. read through the whole Bible...getting there
7. pay off credit cards....also getting there
8. learn to make a spreadsheet...this one makes me sound like a moron
9. have lunch with charlotte
10. marry sweet Nicolai pillowcases...
12. visit Uganda :)
13. get a fabulous digital camera
14. go to Denmark
15. relaunch etsy store
16. learn to use my sewing machine better
17. create a studio for myself...soon
18. learn new crochet and knitting stitches
19. crochet a chunky cowl
20. start a compost pile
21. read "my so-called freelance life"...reading it now
22. get a new job on my photography...this is an ongoing one
24. grow veggies
So all in all I'm not doing too bad. 10 1/2 out of 24..still go a ways to go!

What are some of your goals right now?
ali <3


  1. ooh that is good list! My goal list keeps changing on me :) Right now here are my three:

    1. Cook one new recipe a week
    2. Read every night before bed
    3. Be a blessing to someone else every day

  2. i love these lists! and i love the to dos on yours- thats awesome that you went to Uganda. i want to go there too one day :)

  3. Oh, I'm also trying to do #'s 2, 6, 7, 16, 17, 21, and 23. I'm reading the ebook of the Freelance Life right now... pretty cool. I read through a book of the Bible and do so many Bible studies with different people that I can never tell which books I still need to do to finish it (but I'm sure they are old testament). I love your list! I need to make one, but I am not really sure what direction to go it :/