Thursday, August 5, 2010

{the fair!!}

{I'll admit the main reason I go to the fair is to take photo booth pictures..and to buy fudge...and to pet the goats..and listen to music and to eat a turkey leg...ok so there are other reasons but mostly i like to take photo booth pictures! It's one of my favorites things ever! But good grief! One photo booth picture at the fair this year was $5...$5!!!! So we had to limit ourselves to just one...we planned it out ahead of time to insure a good outcome :)}
{We have one rule in regards to the fair...don't ride the rides..think about it, these ride getting taken apart and reassembled every couple weeks. Who knows, somebody might have forgotten a screw.  I for one don't want to go flying across into the pig pens when my swing pops off the carousel! :)}
{My other fair indulgence is buying a $7 slab of Mackinac Island fudge! It is so so good! I was going to post a picture of the fudge itself in all it's glory but the picture made it look like a big poop, and that is not glorious.}
{and of course, the ever adorable baby goats! I really want to get a baby goat, and some chickens and baby pigs, and baby cow, and baby sheep, and all kinds of baby animals. The other day I saw pictures of baby possums over on another blog and for the life of me I cant remember who's blog it was..I went looking around but can't find it. If anybody recognizes this can you tell me who it's from?  :) thanks}
{who would have ever thought a possum could be SO cute!}
ali <3
p.s. i'm a doofus...I just saw the little water mark on the corner of the picture that says...the dainty squid...hello!


  1. Your fair agenda sounds like heaven to me! And you're right, fair rides are too scary...Now I want a turkey leg, yum.


  2. i am so glad you followed me! Your blog is lovely and I love that you are married to your best friend, love Jesus and about to turn 25! Are we twins? :) You got a new follower, hun!

  3. You are hilarious! Love the pics from the fair! I'll enjoy it through you this year! Too scary/pricey for me!

  4. Yay the fair post! Jeez everything is so expensive these days!! And I refuse to get on those rides too. So risky... :0

    D'wahhh that possum is SO CUTE. I'm so used to thinking they are these creepy little rat things, but this picture has definitely changed my mind. I guess it's true, there is beauty in everthing.

  5. Hilarious! What a good time, I can't wait until our fair happens here :) I have the same rule as far as rides go scary!