Friday, July 30, 2010

{shop update!}

{I finally was able to update my shop today, and it feels SO good!! I love that I am back on etsy..starting from scratch and excited to create once again! Here are a few of the items I posted! check them out and let me know what you think. Your feedback is appreciated! A lot of the items are vintage right now (which I love) but I also hope to post more handmades in the near future. I have a few cute projects in the works right now!}

{On Sunday I am going on an adventure to SF for Renegade and am SuPeR excited about it! On Monday we are going to the fair, where I must take photo booth picture, eat fudge and pet a goat...and only one more day of work stands between me and this glorious weekend. Today was a great day! So have a great weekend everybody! I'll see ya soon!}
{Justine (the cute lady who designed my blog) inspired me to sign my posts this way. It is similar to the way she is doing hers right now! So cute! Check out her blog called here we go.}

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  1. I love the plate so much! Have fun at the fair! Lucky you! I missed the fair in my town this year :(