Friday, July 30, 2010

{owls and free wallpaper}

{I have a small but adorable owl collection. Today I found a few additions to this little family! While my husby went to help his brother move, I drove over to pick up some free vintage wallpaper 

(hooray!) and did a little shopping at a cute little country craft store I love. It had been in awhile since I had visited Helen and her trove of vintage treasures but as soon as I drove up I felt excited to see what this little barn held. I found some great stuff to work on for my etsy store and hope to have a shop update soon :) Today I am posting the first little batch of items to the store..more to come soon!}
ali <3

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  1. i love those owls, ali.... and i'd love to see your etsy shop... hook me up with a link, k? and that wallpaper? i can't wait to see it and what you do with it! hopefully when you guys make it up here (notice i said "when" and not "if") we can visit some antique stores! :)