Wednesday, July 14, 2010

{date night}

{this last weekend was great! on Friday we got to spend the evening with our good friends Jessica and Matt....we got dinners at Mary's and went to see Despicable Me! It was so so good! Earlier in the afternoon I met up with my friend Kassie who I haven't seen in about a year. We went to Sift, this cute little cupcake shop downtown, for cupcakes and coffee...i always order the pink champagne cupcake and pick up a red velvet for Nicolai.}

{Nicolai's cupcake, eaten upstairs at Barnes and Noble}

{it fell over...opps}

{After coffee with Kassie I walked to meet Nicolai at the bookstore. We ate cupcakes, read books we cant afford to buy, and went down to the spice store. (that place is amazing, but a whole other post) From there we walked to meet the Coello's for dinner. It was nice to just hang out, no rush, and no dishes to boot! After dinner we walked to the theater and saw Despicable Me! Agnes was my favorite character. She is this adorable, goofy little girl! I loved must go see it.}

{walking to the theater}

{the theater}

{Coello friends!}

{I kept taking all these random pictures..some of them turned out pretty cool. I hope everybody has a great Wednesday! We are half way to the weekend and then you can go see Despicable Me!}

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  1. Agnes is my favorite character, too! I saw a cat today and kept going "It's so fluffy!", because it really was. :)