Wednesday, July 14, 2010

{ikea! my other love!}

{we went to Ikea on Sunday afternoon in search of some little desks for Nicolai's office and my studio. We found some cute stuff but the desk seemed too small that we picked out. The problem is that we both need lots of space to spread out but cant fit large furniture up through our narrow staircase. problematic...if you have any bright ideas let me know :) I found lots of cool stuff to save up for!}

{this cool "stiched" sofa!}
{{this "stitched" foot stool thing}

{I am in LOVE with this little drawer treasure keeper! I want it for my studio!}

{we ended up bringing home these cute blue magazine organizers and some matching boxes. We also got some bamboo plants! thing on the need list after the desks are a rug}
ali <3

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