Monday, July 12, 2010

{wake-y wake-y eggs and bac-y}

{how in the world are you supposed to spell bac-y? Like bacon on cutsie...i'm stumped...oh well..anyway, good morning!! How is everyone! I'm super excited because as long as the internet guy shows up we will again be a connect home! In celebration of this great occasion I will being posting all through out the day! I have lots to catch you up on :) Check back for weekend recaps and photos, blog features, wish lists, and much more...maybe even a giveaway! we'll see :) For now I leave you with a beautiful picture of a winter morning in Denmark, because this morning my heart misses Denmark. <3}

 { all of the above was written this morning, but the internet at s-bucks but being funky so i couldn't i have internet and am posting this from my very own house!! Yay! It's time to celebrate people! I worked on a bunch of house stuff today too! Rearranged the living room/dining room, put up lots of pictures and mirrors and such, and cleaned cleaned cleaned :) Feeling good!}
{be back soon!}
ali <3

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