Monday, November 14, 2011

{motherhood+the learning curve}

So far this wonderful thing they call motherhood is taking a toll on my body like nothing I have ever done :) Sacrifice is a huge part of parenting, and I am learning that first hand :) We are having so much fun with our little Hannah Lou! She brings us so much joy that it is easy to forget about the sleepless nights, blistered nips, and the raisinette I now know as my belly. It amazes me how we are created to do this, and how intuition kicks in. I feel like I just know what to do. I have learned a few things so far though...

-breast milk is like a magical serum...I dab it on Hannah's face when she scratches herself and it heals up so fast! I'd be lying if I said I hadn't put it on my our face when I got a little zit! It worked!

-once you get past the ouch-y stage, breastfeeding is the best thing ever! I have already lost half of my weight gain and the bonding it allows with your child is so sweet. Hannah loves to nurse and we call her the piranha because when I try to break her latch she tightens up her lips and locks it down! Its pretty hilarious.

-going through pregnancy and labor will strengthen your marriage and teach you so much about each other! Hubs and I are even closer than we were before and we were pretty close to begin with. Everyone talks about bonding with your child but the bonding my husband and I have experienced with one another has been just as sweet.

Thank you for all your sweet comments and support! I'm so excited to share more about our adventures. Keep an eye out for some really fun upcoming posts! I'm currently working on our birth story, some more fun guest posts including my Mom and Hubs, as well as some fun diy projects!