Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Morgan of Mama loves Papa

Hi everyone! I'm Morgan. I'm a wife and mom to four precious kids- three boys who are are 7, 5, and 3 and a baby girl who will be 2 in December. I blog at Mama Loves Papa where I share about my faith, my family, my love of thrifting, fashion (kids fashion, included!), and making life more beautiful. Thank you so much to Ali for having me here! I have been a reader of Ballpoint+Pen for quite some time now and I love it so much. I can't wait to see lots of pictures of sweet little Hannah. Congratulations, Ali! In honor of the birth of Hannah, I thought it would be fun to share a few things I love about being a mom to a girl. I absolutely love my boys, but after three boys having a daughter is still such a novelty.
Finley in her Minor Edition dress
I love... -Having a real, live baby doll. I love shopping for Finley and then putting together the perfect outfit, complete with tights, ruffle shoes, and a hair bow or a headband. -Seeing her natural femininity. My daughter loves to play outside in the dirt with her brothers, but she also loves to mother her baby dolls, carry around a purse, and wear dresses. She's sweet and neat and gentle (and a little bit sassy). -Sharing with her things that I loved as a little girl. When I was pregnant with my third son I bought the two older boys a Cabbage Patch doll. To put it lightly, they weren't fans. I'm hoping Finley is more excited about the things that I loved as a little girl than my boys are. -Making girl stuff. I learned to sew right before Finley was born, so that I could sew all kinds of pretty outfits and dresses. While my sewing skills aren't really where I'd love them to be someday I've made her a few simple dresses, lots of hair things, a doll, bunting for her room, and other fun girly, girl things. -Thinking of the future. I can't wait for our mother/daughter shopping trips, tea parties, and mani/pedis. Of course, I'm her mom first, but I always tell Finley that she's my very best girlfriend (and, she is!).
small style
Thanks again for having me here! I'd love to have you come visit me!

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