Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Marla of Today is Mine

my sweet hubs & i went to target to create a baby registry.  we entered our info and walked to the desk to get our 'gun'.  i handed sweet hubs the gun [every gal knows guys only willingly participate in registering because a gun is involved].  we headed to the baby corner and wandered up and down a couple aisles.  and i began to cry.  i was so totally overwhelmed [and there may have been a pregnancy hormone or two involved] ...and i was only in target. there are entire stores created just for babies.  we survived the registry and i thought i would share a few of our favorite things from the first few months of parenthood.
01. Hooter Hiders nursing cover & 02. BABYBJÖRN carrier.

01.  i'm all about nursing in public.  i am most comfortable using a cover and the hooter hider works well for me.  i love the little peek-a-boo at the top and the assortment of designs and colors to choose from.  
02.  our babybjorn carrier was fantastic for walks the first few months.  we used it on a trip to nyc and i'm pretty sure our sweet tot slept the entire time she was in it.  now that she's a little heavier, we find it more comfortable to wear her in a backpack carrier.  
we don't have a lot of room for storage in our bathroom.  this bath pad was the perfect solution for us.  we squeeze the water out after a bath, leave it in the tub to dry and then hang it on a towel rack after it's dry.  it's also a great pillow for my back when i take a bath!
i did a lot of research on car seats and purchased the chicco keyfit 30.  it worked out so well for us.  the infant insert was perfect for us as our little ladycakes was just under 6 pounds when she came home and didn't grow very quickly for the first couple months.  the base makes it a snap to get her in and out of the car.
we didn't register for any toys. above paragraph about pregnant girl crying.  i didn't even know where to start.  however, this actually worked out really well for us as friends and family purchased toys that were favorites for their little ones.  this crinkle book turned out to be an absolute favorite for our little lady and was given to me by an experienced mama who knew what worked!  
these are expensive but super cute and practical.  they are very soft and hold up well to washing.  these were absolutely perfect for swaddling the first few weeks.  we also used them to cover her carseat when she was a newborn, lay them on the floor to play on or do diaper changes, use as a lightweight blanket, etc.  i LOVE these things.  you may also dangle your baby from a branch with these if you wish...
i had big plans to find a cute bassinet for our bedroom to keep our new little babe in.  i was still on the hunt for that perfect bassinet and little babe decided to enter the world a month early.  thankfully my husband's co-workers had given us the pack 'n play and it worked perfectly with the bassinet attachment. it's also very easy to pack up and we used it on a camping trip as seen above.  
i wonder what mama's did before there was boppy?!  this is the perfect pillow for nursing.  it's also great for tummy time, learning to sit up, and saturday morning concerts with daddy.
we love our cloth diapers!  we are saving a ton of money, keeping hundreds of diapers out of the landfill, and our little lady has never gotten a diaper rash.  i wrote a bit more about our cloth diaper experience here.  [first picture above is bum genius artist series.]
this stroller is compatible with our car seat, which was great when she was teeny tiny.  it's lightweight and the handle is reversible so we can choose if she is facing us or facing out.  it reclines all the way back, which comes in handy when she falls asleep on walks.  we actually found this stroller on craigslist and got a great deal.  hopefully this helps a new mama or two!
congratulations to ali & nicolai!

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