Monday, October 31, 2011


Hi! I'm Jess Craig and I blog over at IROCKSOWHAT and I'm thrilled to be guest posting while Ali's on maternity leave!

That had me thinking about the first few weeks with my son after he was first born. Boy, were those rough! I didn't have one of the magical little newborns that sat there and cooed! He was a screamer from the beginning! The first few weeks were definitely a shock for me! But, interestingly enough- everyone was right... things got better.

So Ali, I hope you're hanging in there during this time. And if you're struggling or having a hard time (or if you're blissfully happy!), just remember that this time is so short! Yes it's cliche, but all those random strangers (me) telling you that it'll go by in an instant- are right.

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