Thursday, June 30, 2011

Apart{ment} of my heart: summer wreath

Some of you may remember the fall wreath I made awhile back...well up until about 2 days ago it was still on my front door. Needless to say I was a little sick of it and wanted something a bit more seasonally appropriate :) I dug through my craft closet and just threw one together out of the things I already had. I really liked the finished product and it was super fast and easy!

I just started with a simple straw filled wreath. They come wrapped in plastic and I have learned from experience that you do not want to unwrap them or else you will have a fat mess on your hands. 

First I took a scrap of one of my favorite vintage sheets and cut it into strips to wrap around for my base. I probably used about 1 yd of fabric. I just rough cut the measuring, no precision cuts. Just kinda winged it. Instead of hot gluing like I normally would, I used sewing pins, that way i can always re use the wreath if I want to. It was also much faster and cleaner.

 When I made it all the way around the wreath I hide the pins under a flat of fabric for a clean finish. 

 Then I cut out felt circles in various sizes and colors. I tried to layer them so they gradually got smaller and I could stack them into funky little flower like arrangements.

 Add on a few little hand cut leaves...

 Then I used white pins to contrast the black felt, and secured the flowers to the wreath in an arrangement that I liked!

 Lastly I looped some grey yarn at the top so I could hang it and...done!

 I really like how it turned out! Everytime I walk up to my front door it makes my heart happy :)
If you make one I'd love to see it! Have fun!