Monday, February 21, 2011

{photo*dump: a taste of this weekend}

{A delicious chai to kick it all off! This was one busy weekend! It was full of lots of errands, sweets, cute outfits and even a surprise party! Hubs birthday was on Saturday and I planned a surprise party for him! It was great! He is so hard to surprise and he had no idea! I'm not sure how I pulled it off because he ended up using vacation time this week and was home everyday! There was almost no time for me to plan or prep at home! That meant lots of trips to my folks house to make secret cupcakes and many mysterious "errands" Saturday morning to try to pull it all together!}

{Bad news people! This gigantic pink creation is called a "pink champagne whoopie cookie" from Sift cup-cakery! Now this is bad because I now live around the corner from one! Literally a 30 second walk! I am not exaggerating. And I have eaten probably 5 of them since we moved in! This sucker is huge and packed with champagne flavored butter cream! Be still my heart!}

{I made about 2 million red velvet cupcakes on Saturday morning! This is how I ended up displaying them because there were too many to put on one platter. They ended up looking very cute! I also made a fun d.i.y. Happy Birthday banner, which will be our feature "Make Do Monday" project tomorrow, so check back!}

{I also had a load of fun dressing up all weekend in my new clothes for parties, dates and other fun stuff! I recently bought a new plaid dress, my new favorite tan belt, and my pretty lace seablanket top!

{And last but not least, I tried out the milkmaid braids that Danielle had written about! I really liked it! They turned out way cuter than I thought they would! You can see this picture on Danielle's blog tonight along with lots of other lovely ladies! :) So fun! Great idea Danielle!}

{I hope you all have a fun weekend like I did! It made me very grateful for everything and everyone in  my life!}