Monday, February 21, 2011

{make do monday: d.i.y. birthday banner}

{d.i.y. birthday banner}

{On Saturday we had a surprise birthday party for hubs, since he turned the big 3-0! At the last minute I decided I wanted to make a little "Happy Birthday" banner, but I didn't want to spend anymore money. I ended up taking some cute card stock I had and cutting it into quarters. Next I used my never fail wood grain contact paper and cut out letters for each square. I decided that all lower case letters looked cutest and let them be a little imperfect.}

{I stuck each letter to a different paper and taped them to twine to hang. i would have liked to glue them, but I had a lack of time and I couldn't find my hot glue gun. :( Scotch tape worked just fine though. It was super simple but it turned out looking super awesome :)}

{This isn't the best picture because it was a little dark in the room. I'll try to edit in a better picture when I get one :) Enjoy and happy partying}


  1. too cute! love the faux wood letters!

  2. love your blog so much. where is the painting from?

  3. A friend of ours painted it :) it is hanging in the hang out room at our church!