Sunday, December 26, 2010

*Renegade SF* :{the shenanigans!}

{Renegade! I look forward to it for months! Even just driving into San Fransisco is a treat and greatly anticipated :) Jess and I decided a few weeks ago that we wanted to go together, and we did! We were very proud of ourselves for following through with our plans! 

{We had loads of fun in the photobooth playing with frames, staches, and cameras...}

{listened to great music...}

{and had a genuinely swell time meeting other bloggers, vendors, and new friends! A definite highlight was meeting Chelsea of Seablanket! She is so sweet, lovely, and down to earth. She also made me a bit jealous of her new Tanya Aguiniga gold bracelet and huge gorgeous gray rope necklace! Check it out on her blog! Also check out her etsy where she sells her own beautiful handmade clothes and vintage treasures <3}

{Tanya Aguiniga had some of the most beautiful jewelry I had ever seen! I wanted a bracelet so badly but I was on a tight day I will have one :)}

{see more Tanya Aguiniga jewelry here}

{Speaking of beautiful jewelry...Homako...[above] jaw-dropping-ly gorgeous textile jewelry! I am crazy about textile jewelry right now! I am so inspired by Yoko Minemura!}

{Ok so I know this is a lot of textile jewelry for one post but {hello!?} aren't these all amazing? I wanted to buy everything! Look at these pieces [above] from Muak! Many of their pieces are very detailed and eye catching..but strangely one of my favorites was the simple little white lace necklace.}

{Here are a few items that caught my eye at Mary Beth Heishman's booth! Many beautifully framed animal prints [above] and one of my favorite necklaces of the day...the green coral necklace from her shop
I Adore you. She is a very talented artist! Her website has lots of info about her and her products.}

{Sharing a booth with Chelsea was the adorable Kala Noel! She had a little family of heartwarming owls all nestled together in her booth, cozy and waiting for a home! I wanted one SOOOO bad! I collect owls and was drooling all over these little cuties! They had doilies on their tummies! How cute is that?! Really! I also loved her gorgeous feather earrings! I didn't get a picture but you can see them here.}

{and of course, always a favorite, I made you a beard! Hilarious! I snatched up this goofy Don't Shave postcards for hubs stocking, as he has been tempted lately to made a change! I also opted for a little pack of beardy stickers :) too fun!}

{One of our last purchases of the day was at Dutch Door Press where I had quite the conundrum picking out a tote to take home! they were all so cute! I love their letterpress and would love to order some custom business cards soon in the future!}

{We left with our arms full of treasures and our hearts inspired to create! Thanks Renegade!}
{Hope you enjoyed this little Renegade Recap! See the Renegade Recap from July here!}
Hope you had a very Merry Christmas!

love ali <3


  1. You did such a good job of remembering to take photos of the booths! I was dumb and only took exterior photos...who wants to see an easy up? UGH. Looks like you got some great items <3

  2. Thanks for the sweet comments about my booth and works. My shop name on etsy is actually Thanks again for the feature and sorry it took me this long to look at your Renegade post.
    Mary Beth Heishman