Thursday, November 18, 2010

Turkey still frozen but baby is a bakin..

{Today I am 11 weeks! I'm not gonna lie..It hasn't all been peaches and cream. Some of the things my body has taken to doing I am not fond of :) I have been a little nervous the past two days as I have some concerning symptoms but the doctor has said not to worry and I have my 2nd trimester appt on Monday so they will check everything out then. Please pray for our little one that everything is ok and there are no complications! We trust that the Lord is in control of this and are trying to rest in that. 
On a cheerier note, I have begun preparations for Thanksgiving!! Hooray! Mashed potatoes here I come! I recently made some hecka cute serving stands out of thrift-ed plates and candle stick holders! I bought little shortbread thumbprints cookies and egg nog cookies to serve on my new stand along side a steaming hot pot of coffee after dinner! They are really easy to make and only cost me about $15 to make them both!}

{It is pretty simple,  just a matter of measuring the center of your plates and carefully gluing all the parts together..I used a glass friendly, waterproof glue so I could wash them. I used this Silk and Seal brand and it was great. Only cost about 3-4 dollars too!}

{I chose to put the larger base end of my candle stick turned down on the bottom plate but flipped it upside down in the middle. This is for a few reasons. It gave me more room on the middle plant, it just looked better that way and structurally it made sense.}

{I'm planning to use the blue one for Thanksgiving and the white and gold one for Christmas :) I really liked how they turned out! I also went out after work today and got the first haul of groceries for the massive dinner celebration! I got our turkey and some odds and ends, but I was super disappointed because the pomegranates I bought to use on the table had mold on them :( I'm taking them back tomorrow. Any-who I have more to share with you tomorrow but for now I'm off the see a midnight premier of Harry Potter!! Yeah!}

ali <3


  1. Can't wait for dinner with my domestic diva daughter! Yeah!

  2. congradulations !!! babies are so fun and so cute !!! im excited and happy for you ! [: and thanksgiving is AMAZING![:

  3. Congrats on your pregnancy! Hope its going well for you. Enjoy it while you can, I now it can be hard to sometimes but I wish I enjoyed mine more than I did. :)

    Little Sugar Monster