Monday, October 11, 2010

{The Weekend}

{coffee at ritual in S.F.}
We went to the city for Johnny's birthday.

{I crafted my heart out and embroidered a bunch of onesies}

{I got a jump on Christmas by embroidering our stockings and making this garland of cute trees from recycled newsprint and an old anthropology catalog :) I kinda love it}
{found the perfect locket at urbanrose on etsy. when we find out if its a boy or girl I am going to get one with the baby's initial :)}
Happy Monday my friends!
ali <3


  1. I love the maneki neko!!! I've been obsessed with those for ages :)
    And congrats :) so excited for you both!!!

  2. loooooooove it! i should try to be crafty while i'm all bedridden with my poor little leg....
    so get this--a few months ago, i bought a bunch of organic cotton onesies to embroider, i just don't have the rest of the stuff to start yet! we have same brain syndrome.
    oh and i LOVE the tree garland and locket idea.

  3. I'm pretty in love with your garland!