Wednesday, October 27, 2010

{wedding weekend: Max and Linnia}

{this past weekend we spent some quality time with friends and celebrated the marriage of two lovely people :) It was nice to kick back and enjoy a rainy October day that included lots of love, mustaches, a soup bar, and of course plenty of coffee!}
 After the short but very sweet ceremony we headed across the street to get coffee and snacks before the reception!

 {I had chai and apple pie :)}

{It was a good day !}
ali <3


  1. ok i know i'm commenting in the wrong section, i absolutely love your cute outfit, but oh my goodness i think that one of the people in your pics is my hubby's old roommate, nicolai?

  2. I work at Cafe Azul!! But didn't get there til 3 today, too bad I missed you!!
    -Lauren Steele

  3. what! I didnt know you worked there!

  4. I haven't for very long, it's fun!

  5. were those mustaches at the wedding for photos? what a cute idea :)

  6. Yeah they were favors and everyone took one home! They were awesome for photos! Everyone also got a cute little bag of gumballs!