Thursday, October 28, 2010

{Fall Fashion Week: Thursday}

{ok so here is what I wore today :) its all about the layers today..and it's supposed to rain. I just wanted to be comfy. Although toms in the rain might have been a bad call. oh well :)}

jean leggings (same as yesterday..don't judge :): American Eagle
striped tank top: Forever 21
grey long sleeve hoodie shirt: Forever 21 a long time ago
black vest: Bitten by Sarah Jessica Parker
shoes: brown tweed toms
coat: H&M in Denmark
Ring: Urban Outfitters
{The coat is lots of fun cuz it has buttons that go all the way up so you can button the high collar a bunch of different ways :)}
Happy Thursday!
ali <3


  1. that jacket rocks. you've got such pretty hair too!

  2. score on that jacket. wish we had an h&m in miami...

  3. I've worn toms in the rain... be prepared for a very musty shoe!! Love the layers, it just got hot and windy in Southern California, I miss the rain storms of last week!

  4. I love the layering, and that jacket is awesome!

  5. GREAT jacket.
    And, I want those ridiculously adorable shoes.

  6. ooh, great jacket! And cute shoes :)

  7. That is a pretty freakin sweet jacket!
    ♥/Bevin @All is Bright

  8. so darling! i love that outfit and i am dying to find a sweet vest like yours, i love it!

  9. hey al-i-son! guess what! I just got toms, cordones, and i wore them in the rain the fifth day i had them... sadness... they live, but i know how you feel!

  10. You are so cute!
    And your layout is really cute.. just saying ;)