Wednesday, September 1, 2010

{Sift: A cupcakery!}

{Sift is a really cute, fun cupcak-ery that I love to frequent. On Friday night Nicolai and I had an impromptu 15 min date and then again Sunday :) My favorite is Pink champagne flavor which is raspberry flavored cake with champagne frosting, and Nicolai usually likes to get Oo-la-la which is the red velvet. Sunday however we changed it up a little! I got the Snickerdoodle flavor and hubs got the black cherry flavor! Yummers!}
{Hope you have a pink champagne kind of day!}
ali <3


  1. i want to go there so bad ! do they have any like in north carolina ? hmm but your cupcake looks very yummy !

  2. mmmmmmm! there are so many cupcakery's around here. there are about 10 that i can think of off the top of my head that are within a 20 mile radius around my home. it's really fun. and there are only 2 that i love, cause they're cupcakes are home made. not from a box! which is even better!!!