Wednesday, July 7, 2010

{if i had the $$$}

...sadly i don't right now but i can wait :) these are one my wish list right now!

{happy Thursday :)}


  1. I really really wanted a Lomo cam for my birthday, but I didn't get it :( It's still definitely on my wishlist too though. And I love the pattern on that dress! Ohhh why must money be so hard to come by??

  2. I have a lomography camera. I got it for Christmas a year ago, then got some accessories last year. I have the fisheye, 35 mm back, and some of the lenses. Unfortunately, I can never afford the developing so I have no idea what I'm snapping ;)
    If I had the $$$ I want these...
    I asked for my birthday last month. So sad :( I have learned to be content without Toms! - Jess Coello

  3. ah! those are way cute Jess! I like the new toms they have out now! I'm curious about the wrap boots though. Do you develop the film just like any other film or is it different
    Briana: I totally agree about the money thing! We should bring back bartering! I will Nordstrom's would accept baked goods in exchange for toms! :)

  4. That dress is super cute and I can totally see you in it :) Love your blog girlfriend!