Thursday, July 8, 2010

{blog award!}

{So I have been so sweetly awarded the Versatile Blogger award by my blog friend Sonya :) There are a few things I must do with this and one is to share other lovely blogs! YAY! Check out my friends blogs below...seriously check them out...because I spent forever linking all the sites for you haha :)}

Rule 1: Thank the person who gave you the award!
Thank you Sonya !

Rule 2: Share 7 things about yourself.
#1 I am newly married 
#2 I can't pass up a sale on yarn
#3 I love to paint but haven't in awhile...think I'll do that soon
#4 I briefly worked for MAC cosmetics
#5 I want to move to Denmark
#6 I love coffee, coffee, and more coffee :)
#7 I like to stay up late and work on projects, that's when I am most inspired
Rule 3: Pass the award along to 15 bloggers who you have recently discovered and think are fantastic:
Rule 4: Contact the bloggers you've picked and let them know about the award!

{check out these bloggers for a real treat!}
{ today is so busy!! I'm hoping that the internet guy comes tomorrow...we got stood up last week and still don't have internet at home..ahh!}

{This beautiful picture o' pudding is from 101 cookbooks! You must check it out! So many wonderful recipes...Heidi Swanson writes this blog and she takes all the gorgeous photos as well. She is lovely and I would love to meet her. She has also written a great cookbook called Super Natural Foods
{Hope everyone is having a great day :)} 
ali <3


  1. I love the super natural foods cookbook!! I got it on clearance at urban outfitters!! Isn't she in sf? If you get to meet her bring me haha. I pass her cookbook around to friends.

  2. Congrats on your award!! That pudding looks delicious too. Yummm

  3. thanks so much for passing on the award! I'm incredibly flattered! Definitely- thank you for reading my blog, its means a lot to me

  4. Wow! Thanks for including me! That means a lot! Your blog is super cute!

  5. Thanks for the gift! I'm so glad that you thought of me because it helped me find your cute blog. I was just reading your about me and I feel like I'm reading my bio. ha! We have a lot in common. Except you are probably way more crafty than I am but I'm working on that. Hope you're having a great weekend. :)

  6. Thanks for the award Ali!!! I made sure to thank you in my last post. I've already filled out a Versatile Blogger Award post thingy though, So I won't be doing it again. But thanks! It seriously means a lot to me :)

  7. That pudding looks so delicious!! I am curious to know what you like about Denmark. I have heard many American are moving over there to find jobs. Love snowy picture!