Wednesday, June 23, 2010

{hey! my thumb is green!}

{lately i have been spending a lot more time in the garden. as i mentioned before Nicolai is often amused by my child like amazement of roots and never ceases to amaze me that i can put these little seeds in the dirt wait a little while, add water and sun, and you get food, or flowers, or whatever! i wish i had the time, money,and energy to do all of this on a larger scale and sell my veg to fun. So far i have grown...


 {lemon thyme}

{green onion}


{many kinds of herbs}


{i can't for the life of me remember what this was, all the sticks got washed away}

{and of course all my many succulents inside! i love succulents! i can't help it! There's other stuff to but that's most of it :)}
{what is your favorite flower/plant/weed? Weeds are plants too!}
{What in your garden? :)}
<3 ali


  1. Ah, so cool! My boyfriend planted cucumbers behind my house a few days ago and we're excited because they're already sprouting.
    In the house I just have a canning jar with some impatiens (hopefully) growing in it. I'm excited for when they start sprouting. :)

  2. did you by chance plant a lemon verbena? The mystery plant resembles a lemon verbena. Also, it is quite easy to do this larger scale, even to the point of selling the extras, without much extra money put into it. A book you may want to buy or check out at the library is, "All New Square Foot Gardening" by Mel Bartholomeu. This will help you get going the right direction.

  3. thats awesome Koby! Thanks! Ill check it out..I have another older square foot gardening book to that I think is pretty good...the new house we are moving into have a pretty good size area of land I can use to plant but its pretty rough and would need to be worked before it is plantable

  4. nothing is in my garden! which is why you need to come visit me and help me get it started.

    there's a yard in my old town that i love to drive by because it's full of plants and flowers-the stand-outs are cactus and poppies!! so pretty together