Tuesday, June 22, 2010

{floor boards}

{while i was at the house yesterday i unpacked a few things, dusted, vacuumed, the usual...but when i got upstairs i looked at the orange and red carpet tacked to the floor and thought to myself..."i wonder what is underneath here"..so I pulled up the corner and there was some funky wood underneath! it's just a bunch of planks..no fancy floors here, but I really like them...so i'm on the market for some affordable area rugs :) Here's what i have found so far...}





{i'm not sure what i like best...a trip to ikea may be in order!!! YAY! :)}
<3 ali

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  1. you should go on craigslist and see what people have too-i just saw a bunch of great anthropologie and urban outfitters stuff (including rugs) for way cheaper than in-store! i went to all for sale items in the sf/bay area section and just typed "anthropologie" in the search part...list low price to high or the actual item you want and see what you can find! seemed like lots of ppl use paypal and are willing to ship.