Sunday, June 20, 2010

{cleaning, moving, changing...}

{here we go again...the move is on...i think this will be the 5th or 6th time in about 2 yrs that i have moved! blah! We are in the process of getting rid of things which is never easy, cleaning the funky 100ish year old house (dont worry i'll post some before we move in pictures tomorrow..its pretty cool but needs a good cleaning) writing thank you notes from the wedding, working, sleeping a little, cleaning the house we are moving out of, and packing boxes. I like packing and unpacking but I hate the actually moving the boxes and stuff from one place to the next, i look forward to being done quickly. On a hooray cucumbers, tomatoes and strawberries are looking awesome in the garden! I actually have a few little bitty green tomatoes on the vine! Yipee! It's so funny everytime I pull a plant to re-pot it and see the intricate root system or notice a little bud on the totamtos or whatever, I call for Nicolai to "Come outside quick!" and he of course rushes outside and humors his silly wife by oooing and ahhing at my little creations :) He is such a good husband :) 
How was everybody's Fathers day? Here is a glimse into my day! It was not only Fathers day but also my moms birthday :) We had fun...after church we went to my parents house and had a bbq and pretty cake that I made! I made vanilla for my Dad and chocolate for my Mom :) their favorites!}
{chocolate cake and vanilla cake}
{pretty swirl cake!!}
{my brother and his girlfriend <3}

{..anyway...i hope everyone had a great Fathers day and a fun weekend..I have the day off tomorrow so i'll be back with pictures of the new house, and a few other things I have planned for you :)}
how was your Fathers day
<3 ali


  1. i HATE (love) moving, its a good feeling, but the process sucks!
    i hope you are happy with your blog changes

  2. Ali.... I can't wait to see your new place!
    Love and miss you so much. We need to chat soon:)
    P.S. Your wedding pics are beautiful. I've never seen you look happier