Sunday, April 11, 2010

{may i please live in a treehouse}

I have just realized that I was unknowingly trained as child to want to live in a tree house. My favorite childhood books were The Bernstein Bears and Swiss Family Robinson...hello.

So today I went house shopping ...just for fun :) I found this beauty on Apartment Therapy's site.

then i found this...

Then this.....
{source unknown}
but i think this is the one i would choose if i had a choice's most practical and close the ground...imagine getting your groceries up to your front door. Ah!

So it's official i want a treehouse.


  1. We should totally build a treehouse to live in!
    Maybe in a place like Fiji or something...

  2. One day when we stop moving around...if that ever happens...we should build us a tree house :) a really cute cozy one :)