Wednesday, January 6, 2010


{it's around midnight here in denmark and i am busy click click clicking away on my keyboard, Nicolai left to go home today and i dont know if it's his absense keeping me up or the 5 cups of coffee i had after dinner :) i miss my honey}
{just for the record, danish thrift stores are amazing...i think this little owl bud vase is my #1 favorite thing i have ever thrifted...EVER! i bought some pretty cute things today and plan to do more thrifting in the next few days...among other things}
stuff to do/start:
1. knit cowl/hoodie
2. sew pillows with fantastic Ikea fabric (photos to come)
3. do laundry
4. embroider
5. thrift more treasures
6. find some cute leggings+long shirts
7. make more pom poms
8. crochet more granny squares
9. start quilt with Ikea fabric
10. learn to make koldsk├Žl (more about what the heck that is soon)
{the next fews days are going to be spent around the house and i want to use my time wisely}
{look how cute he is..i mean come on}

{cute little votive}
{neato purple vase}
{teeny little white bud vase}
{super cute little brown birdie}

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