Thursday, December 3, 2009


Winter...some people say that winter is dull...depressing...cold...dreary..
How dare you! Winter is the best! It is an opportunity for cozy satisfaction to be had! And how may you ask do i achieve this cozy satisfaction?....Well just allow me to show you...
#1 coffee of course...obviously

#2 Reading while sitting in my cozy, cushy, big blue Ikea arm chair..I found this really neat book at the used book store. It was written in 1943 and it is all about canning food at home. I LoVe it! It even talks about in "times of sugar rationing" ways to sub in other things for sugar. This book was written smack in the middle of WWII. And its pink and green so top that! I dare you!
#3 cozy blankets and slippers...p.s. micro fleece blankets are like heaven wrapped around your cold little body..and slippers that go up to your knees!...what is better than that?

#4 FiRe!...of any kind really...candles, the bon kind, the place kind...
#5 a fresh journal to write in...
#6 I love to organize when it is cold and rainy and I am stuck inside..oh who are we kidding..I always love to organize...but seriously...put your dvds in paper sleeves and toss the jewel cases..I kept a few treasures but you would be shocked how much space those stupid cases take up!
#7 Indoor gardening or sorts...I love succulents and paperwhites. they are hard to kill and are beautiful. they make good presents too if you buy a cute pot or mug or tea cup or something to put it into.

hAppY wiNtEr!!!

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